The CCNM IHC provides the following service to all practitioners:

Receptionist team

The IHC has a professional reception staff who takes cares of the following office work:

Booking appointments
Contacting patients for reminder appointments and cancellations
Processing payments
Maintaining all active files
Providing notification of schedules

Record Keeping

We offer storage for active patient files based on available space with no present storage fee for those practitioners who wish to maintain more files at the clinic. Active patients are considered those to have been seen within the last two calendar years. Files belong to the practitioner, and not the clinic.

Bookkeeping services

A monthly summary of patient visits and fees generated is provided to practitioners.

Practitioners will be responsible for all outstanding amounts owed by patients. CCNM agrees to contact the patients to notify them of any outstanding amounts on behalf of the practitioner once upon notification of a missed payment and a second time no later than 45 days after the original date of invoice.

Linens, cleaning, and Biohazard Removal

Basic linen service is provided in the rent.
CCNM Housekeepers will maintain the space daily as per the current clinic standard.
Biohazard materials are handled following the current CCNM biohazard procedures.


Practitioners are able to prescribe tinctures, which can be filled in the RSNC compounding room and paid for at the RSNC reception.

Access to other CCNM Clinic Services

Practitioners who are licensed to requisition laboratory testing at the CCNM IHC have access to the RSNC Lab.
Patients who need need use of equipment/therapies such as ultrasound or the hydrotherapy suite can be referred to the RSNC for those specific treatments.