Each of our practitioners set their own rates. See their practitioner bio pages, or contact us at (416) 498-9763 or ihcinfo@ccnm.edu to enquire about a practitioner's fees.

Payment options

The CCNM IHC accepts VISA, MasterCard, Debit, cash, and cheque.

Parking fees

First 15 minutes 15 minutes to 1 hour Each additional 1/2 hour Maximum
Free $2 $2 $25 $10

Do not use the Pay and Display unit at the entrance of the parking lot as it does not accept payment. It is for the use of monthly users only. Please proceed to one of the other five units in the lot. The Pay and Display units accept credit cards and coins for payment. Once your Pay and Display ticket has been printed, please return to your vehicle and visibly display your ticket on the dashboard.

We recommend that you pay for two to 2.5 hours of parking for your first appointment, or if completing a lab as part of your visit, and one to 1.5 hours of parking for any follow-up visits. Parking enforcement is in effect and individuals who elect to park in the CCNM parking lot are responsible for any parking tickets they incur as a result of non-payment. Please note parking fine revenue does not go to CCNM/IHC, but to the parking management company.