Dr. Ehab Mohammed, ND

Dr. Ehab Mohammed is a licensed naturopathic doctor, board certified from the College of Naturopaths in Ontario. Ehab completed conventional medical school training in Egypt. He graduated from medical school with an honour degree and joined the clinical oncology residency program at Cairo University, Egypt. There he was trained on chemotherapy, radiation and palliative care. Ehab went on to obtain his master’s degree in oncology (on psychiatric disturbances in cancer patients), then a medical doctorate degree in radiation oncology (management of brain tumours with different types of radiation). He was promoted to a professor of oncology before leaving Cairo University.

Dr. Mohammed has practiced oncology for over 20 years during and has published 33 scientific research articles in recognized medical journals. He has visited many cancer centers in Canada including the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal to gain more experience in the Canadian health care system and oncology practice. Ehab realizes the huge impact of body and mind support during conventional medical treatment for different types of diseases, especially cancer which is what motivated his decision to study naturopathic medicine in Toronto.

Ehab has since devoted his time and efforts to studying naturopathic medicine to help people support their health both physically, mentally and emotionally. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), spending  one year in the adjunctive cancer care clinic shift where he managed patients under different types of conventional cancer care (chemotherapy, radiation, palliative care and surgery) with naturopathic supportive care. He found a great advantage in supporting these patients as compared to his previous training where he did not practice this type of medicine. Ehab is interested in other areas of naturopathic medical care that include, but are not limited to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, overweight, and mental stress.

In January 2016 Dr. Mohammed joined the research residency program at CCNM where he is involved in many research activities which continue to add to his knowledge and experience in the research field. In September 2016, Ehab passed his pharmaceutical prescription exam licencing him for Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT). In addition to his private practice, he supervises fourth year students on a clinic shift at the Robert Shad Naturopathic Clinic (RSNC).